The Hazeline Taffe Biography: What Inspired My Work

A Canadian citizen originally from Jamaica, I’ve had my share of struggles and losses during my more than 10 years in this country. For years, I pursued my education while caring for my children as well as my sick and disabled mother. My whole family depended on me, and while this was difficult, what came next was even harder. The worst event in my Hazeline Taffe biography was losing my child.

I was in my ninth month of pregnancy and had just had my last prenatal appointment four days earlier, during which both my baby and I were doing fine. Then around 6 a.m. on Family Day of 2015, my amniotic fluid broke. I rushed to the hospital. The limited staff available that day meant long waits, during which I could continuously feel my baby moving inside of me. After several hours, my daughter stopped moving. By the time the ultrasound technician arrived, it was too late. Her heart was no longer beating, and they could not find the reason why. Though I attempted to seek litigation on the grounds of negligence, no attorney wanted to take my case. I live with the pain of knowing my daughter was clinging to life with no staff to help her, and in my sorrow, I began to write songs.

Turning the Suffering into Inspiration

Though I do not know why I had to lose my child, I trust that God has a reason for everything. My music reflects that faith; I’ve created several albums of gospel music, among other genres. These songs are about pain, but they are also about change and the hope that comes with it. Give them a listen, and you’ll feel uplifted to believe that better things are coming.