Mentorship Programs

The Arts Musical Division is developing a new mentorship program that will not only accommodate artists in the music industry but will be made inclusive for all individuals in the community. This program is developed to deliver a skill training and learning environment for any age. Supporting and strengthening cultural diversity, gender, equity, and equality. Through these program initiatives, individuals will have access to explore different programs of interest to them.

The objective of the program(s) is centered around youths and the community, creating a space where youths can learn, discover and share their talents. Emphasis will be focused on:
-Shaping the lives of youths by delivering fully pledged thought process programs.
-Families and communities alike can contribute by being a part of building community relations.
-Building, growing, and delivering equity in diverse cultural relations.
-Enriching the lives of youths by empowering them to accomplish their dreams.

The site will be updated with the programs once the operation is fully developed and established.