Misconception – A form of Ideology

People are oftentimes going around with this misconceived idea that artists are making money!! Well, I am here to tell them to STOP IT NOW!! Artists work long hours every day to create their music because they love and are passionate about what they do. Some Artists are doing it for a new purpose in life driven by inspiration and not for fame or show.

Did you know that some artists do not have an income?

Did you know that some artists struggle to pay their bills?

Did you know that some artists have to work other jobs to pay the bills?


Taken from the statistical insights on the Arts, HILL STRATEGIES RESEARCH INC.

Musicians and singers have particularly high self-employment rates and low median incomes. Employment income of $12,300, lower than the median of all artists ($17,300) and much lower than that of all workers ($39,000).

I guess some of you are asking the question, why are they doing it then? The answer to that question has already been answered.

Then who assumes the benefits from an Artist’s work? Is it the public audience; that is something for you to answer? So please take the time to value and appreciate an Artists’ hard work. Support them if you wish, but do not continue to have these misconceived ideas. Last but not least DO NOT ASK HOW IS THE SALE GOING?