Hazeline Taffe Music Compilation

Here is a list of Hazeline Taffe music from different genres. All of them embrace the theme "Hope for Change," whether it's spiritual, social, economic, political, or humanitarian.

My "Finally" Album

This album is a composition of ten gospel songs about change featuring inspiration, hope, faith, comfort, peace, praise, and worship. They were written based on my own personal experiences and inspiration. "Finally" was born in a way I never thought was going to happen. I had been confronted with challenges, grief, pain, barriers, and a near-death experience.

The source of my strength came one day when I was sitting on my bed. I started getting this music in my mind, so I went downstairs and took my son's book and a pen and started writing. A voice said, "Record these songs." Then I recorded these songs about social suffering.  Drawing comfort in knowing they were given to me, not by my will, but to be inspiring, supporting, and strengthening me. I believe they can do the same for anyone who's faced with different challenges, wherever they are. The songs are:

My "Strength N Dreams" Album - Strength.mp3 / Instrumental - Dreams.mp3 / Instrumental

This album is a double duo album comprise of songs ranging from the genres: Reggae Rock, and Epic pop classic. The double duo lyrical content is dynamic, motivating, and inspirational. “Strength” seeks to challenge ideological ideas of how a group or nation views an individual. Making references to the ideology, and mythical norm; and how these ideas can potentially become a barrier in individual’s lives.

On the flip-side, “Dreams” is tailored to motivate and inspire the mind of individuals through the author’s connection to the song. “Strength N Dreams” goes hand in hand. It is possible to live your dreams, but you must have the strength as the catalyst to make those dreams possible.

My "Battle of the Cov-19" Song - Battle of the Cov-19.mp3 / Instrumental

The Battle of the Cov-19 highlights some important key areas of humanity as it relates to the social, economic, and religious aspects of individual’s lives. The lyrical content is aspiring to engage the listener’s attention through different series of questions, which they can reflect on. Further extending its message to the social communities, and implications of life, and empowering the audience to draw comfort in light of hope that there are better days ahead.

My "True Friend" Song - True Friend.mp3

"True Friend" is a single that is relaxing, sensational, and inspirational. The song embodies the hope of a new life when all is lost around you. Then comes the true friend that covers you from the sadness, disparities, and everything that is lost. Suddenly, life becomes renewed once again; everything that was dead becomes alive, and no more hope is lost.

"Finally" Instrumentals