Hazeline Taffe, Creator & Musician for Change

Aspired to Inspire: That’s the motif behind every song I write, and what I hope to do for all of my listeners. When people think of Hazeline Taffe, I want them to think of hope for change of all kinds, from social to economic and political. My songs span a range of genres, from inspirational to humanitarian, and change is at the heart of all of them. My music was born out of a difficult time in my life, which you can read about in my biography. My hope is that others going through similar struggles can feel uplifted by the faith in each one.

All music by Hazeline Taffe is available on this site, and you can request an appointment with me or schedule me for an appearance as well. I’m happy to hear from my listeners and am grateful for the ability to share my story and struggles with those who may need help. My album is full of humanitarian songs that speak to social suffering and how hope and faith can empower us to make it through even the darkest of times. I pray my songs help you find inspiration and give you the strength to join me in hoping for a better world.