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It is with a great delightful joy that I recommend Hazeline’s music for all to listen to. What a great way to express the love of God.
Listening to her music has brought great joy to my heart. In my happy moments, and when I am down her music lifts me up. I do not doubt that God will use her music to bring souls to him. Thanks for your wonderful music and great songwriting. I highly recommend her music for all to listen to. God blessed. - Oris Sewitt, Canada

So many things were happening in my life one thing after the other, felt like there was no break, bad news after bad news. I felt really stressed out, could not sleep properly at night. I felt discouraged, weary, and lost about what to do next. One day I listened to the song Carry You Along. Just listening to the words gave me a sense of calmness and peace came over me and I felt like all my burdens were lifted from me. I left everything about my situation in God’s hands placing my faith and trust in him. “He is truly carrying me along through all my trials and tribulations”. - Kirk James, Canada


My name is Dalton Brown and I have been blessed by songs done by Hazeline Taffe. The rendition of Oh Jehovah God is truly inspirational. In this song, Jehovah God is seen as the universe and being honored for his wonderful creations. We are also reminded that he is the reason for us living. A true song of praise acknowledging the power, love, and beauties of God. We Worship You is another great rendition where the spirit of worship is capture through praise, prayers, and love. In singing, you are in tune with God in true worship and praise. The song Carry You Along helped in carrying me along through my period of bereavement for the loss of my father. I connected with this song and as it says, “when there is no one else, Jesus will carry you along”. This is my testimony and I give God thanks for the work of Hazeline Taffe and may God continue to use her for his blessings and his glory. - Dalton Brown, Jamaica


Hazeline’s gospel music are all so inspiring. I make it a daily duty to listen at least one per day just to lift both my spirit and whomever is around me. I am always blessed just listening to her music. - Rose Rowe